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3D-printing solutions

As an innovative company in the field of orthopedics, Shapemakers is always seeking the best solutions for various challenges. One of these solutions is 3D printing of components or even entire end products.

Through 3D printing of orthotics and prosthetics, there are more production possibilities compared to the manual process. Certain structures, hinges, and designs can be integrated into the printing process. This empowers producers to create dynamic products.

oplossing 3d-printen

3D printing has numerous applications in orthopedics.

The process of 3D printing typically begins with creating a digital scan. With the aid of specialized software we offer, this scan can be transformed into a 3D model suitable for printing.

The aids are then constructed layer by layer from the chosen material, resulting in a highly accurate and custom-made end product.

One of the key advantages of 3D printing in orthopedics is the ability to create orthotics and prosthetics that perfectly match the patient’s anatomy, thereby reducing the risk of complications. Shapemakers has already developed several products using cutting-edge 3D printing techniques, such as the B&C Knee Brace and a brace.

There’s a variety of materials and colors to choose from for 3D printing. Additionally, post-processing techniques can be applied to modify product attributes. A few examples of these post-processing techniques include vapor smoothing, polishing, and making items water-resistant. For each application, the optimal combination will be determined through consultation to meet the needs of both the patient and the manufacturer.

As a supplier, we offer a product catalog encompassing a wide range of printing techniques and post-processing options. Furthermore, if needed, we can explore alternative production techniques based on your inquiries.


oplossing 3d-printen

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