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White Light Scanner

Shining3D- Einstar

The Einstar is an ideal scanner for capturing limbs and, for this reason, is perfectly suited for orthopedics. The Einstar is a white light scanner that captures the scanned image through hundreds of photos per minute. The Einstar scanner yields highly accurate results (up to 0.05mm maximum deviation). Moreover, the Einstar can scan in original colors, allowing for the capture of markings.

The price-to-quality ratio gives this scanner a unique position in the market.

goede scan othopedie


  • High-Quality Scans: The Einstar rapidly and effortlessly captures dense point cloud data with precision, featuring an impressive point-to-point distance of up to 0.1 mm.


  • Vibrant Color Accuracy: With its integrated RGB color camera, the Einstar reproduces the true colors of scanned objects.


  • Detail-Oriented Enhancement Technology: The built-in detail-oriented enhancement technology optimizes the acquisition of point cloud data, guides your scanning process, and enhances data quality.


  • Stable Outdoor Scanning: Thanks to its three infrared projectors, the Einstar delivers clear scan data and consistent results, even in outdoor conditions.


  • Eye-Friendly Comfort: The Einstar utilizes invisible projector light during scanning, ensuring a comfortable experience for the human eye.


  • Exceptional User-Friendliness: Designed for ultimate convenience, the Einstar features an ergonomic design, clear workflow, effortless installation, and true plug-and-play functionality.


Not sure if this scanner fits your work? We’d be happy to schedule a demo to showcase the scanner in action.

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