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After finalizing the definitive design, the digital file is integrated into the Custom workflow. Hundreds of points in the digital model are linked to the AI software, which customizes the model based on a 3D scan – a process we refer to as ‘Morphing’. The AI is capable of tailoring the model precisely by recognizing landmarks in the 3D scan. The software is developed based on the restrictions that the model must adhere to. These restrictions have been discussed in earlier project stages. The software respects these restrictions and ensures that the model is customized within these boundaries.

workflow shapemakers

These restrictions can include elements like straps, hinge points, etc. By locking these aspects into the software, they will consistently maintain the same properties, allowing for the creation of a standard size series.

To maintain control for the end user, you can choose between a semi-automated or a fully automated process. In a semi-automated process, the user manually completes a few steps, which are pre-defined based on their preferences and needs. In a fully automated process, the software uses AI to complete all steps.

During the workflow phase, factors like wearing comfort and measurements are also addressed. Through testing various prototypes, collaborative efforts ensure the achievement of a perfect final outcome. Upon completion of the workflow, a perfectly fitting result will be generated consistently.

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