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Embrace insoles

Benefit from a proven production solution and replace manual production with advanced Embrace 3D printing technology. This technology allows you to streamline your production while simultaneously providing added value and improved quality to your customers.

  • Produce superior orthopedic insoles
  • Save time and labor during the production process
  • Achieve cost-effective production
Embrace insoles

The automatic extraction option offers a seamless enhancement for the Embrace Insole solution, allowing production to continue beyond regular office hours. With this advancement, the insole is automatically detached and gently guided down a ramp, sliding into a designated box. A built-in camera meticulously checks the success of the extraction.

In terms of software, an advanced queue management system ensures that the next printing cycle begins as soon as the camera confirms the print bed is empty. Switch to mass production without losing the benefits of a simple and sustainable solution. Integration with your CAD software allows you to prepare the print and add the insole to the print management system in one go, using a cloud-based version of the REALvision software engine. With several connected printers, you can have a central print farm or manage multiple printers at local store locations, creating a decentralized print farm.

Shapemakers provides the necessary support, materials, and service to ensure that the implementation of the machine runs smoothly and performs optimally within your current operations. Our goal is not only to provide you with the right machines but also to ensure that these machines become an integral part of your success.

With Shapemakers, you choose a partner who understands the importance of trust and precision in production. Are you ready to elevate your production to a higher level? We are ready to help you.

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