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To initiate a mass-customization project, the first step involves creating a design for the product. In most cases, this product should have significant potential for customization. Various approaches can be taken in this process.

Shapemakers design Brace

Firstly, you can choose to digitally integrate your own design, where the entire design element is in the hands of the user. In this approach, an existing design is often digitized and prepared for customization while considering the specified restrictions and requirements.

Secondly, you can choose to collaboratively design a product. This involves creating a plan through brainstorming, requirements, and restrictions. The plan is then executed digitally to create a uniquely tailored design. Professional design firms can also be involved to ensure the quality and professionalism. Once the design is approved, it will be prepared for customization.

In both scenarios, an extensive prototype phase will follow, during which multiple prototypes are created to assess the real-life product. Testing can also be conducted during this phase, either by yourselves or in collaboration with us. It’s crucial to determine which tests are applicable – these could include impact tests, durability tests, or general strength tests. If you choose to collaborate with us on testing, we will leverage our network to connect your product with a suitable testing facility. Only after full approval of the design and prototype will the next phase commence.

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