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OIM Orthopedie makes 3D scanning a focal point

OIM Orthopedie makes 3D scanning a focal point

Shapemakers is one of the suppliers through which OIM Orthopedie is embracing the transition to 3D scanning. Less labor-intensive, faster, location-independent, and cost-effective – these are just a few of the benefits that 3D scanning offers compared to traditional measurement and correction techniques.

OIM Orthopedics now employs both white light and iPad scanners. These scanners are utilized for measuring orthopedic shoes as well as instruments. Shapemakers is involved in the scanning process for orthopedic instruments, such as ankle-foot orthoses, prostheses, corsets, splints, and more. Recently, OIM and Shapemakers signed a 3-year contract for milling all components for orthopedic instruments at OIM Orthopedics.

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“The ultimate goal for us is always to provide excellent quality assistive care to our clients. We view scanning as a valuable addition to the toolkit that our orthopedic advisors already utilize,” says Fred Verhagen, Division Manager at OIM Orthopedie. “In a short period, we are gaining as much experience as possible with 3D scanning, allowing enthusiastic colleagues the space to experiment with meaningful applications.”

Niels Admiraal, Orthopedic Specialist in Noordwijkerhout, is one of those enthusiasts:

“To enable widespread adoption of scanning, I worked together with other colleagues to develop an online course. When the hardware and software work well, and colleagues know how to use them, it becomes easier to overcome obstacles. At OIM Orthopedie, everything is set for success. I find that very exciting because I’m genuinely enthusiastic about 3D scanning.”

Nina van Bergen, Orthopedic Advisor in Haren, compares white light scanners to iPad scanners:

“Frankly, I prefer working with the white light scanner, but the iPad scanner does have noteworthy advantages. The main one is that it’s easy to carry around, so you don’t need to take a whole suitcase of equipment and a laptop to an external consultation. Another advantage is that you don’t have to attach reference dots.”

OIM Orthopedie is using this year to become proficient in 3D scanning. This includes determining which clients benefit from the technique and which do not. The expectation is that 3D scanning will yield efficiency gains and facilitate collaboration among their 28 branches in the Netherlands. Therefore, OIM Orthopedie is making 3D scanning a key focus for the coming years.

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