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The Digitization of Workflow at Guido Schoenen

The Digitization of Workflow at Guido Schoenen

Guido Schoenen’s orthopedic instrument workshop has been providing aids since 1984. They create prosthetics, orthotics, corsets, insoles, and therapeutic elastic stockings, and have been a loyal customer of Shapemakers for the past 5 years.

Before collaborating with Shapemakers, Guido Schoenen used plaster casts to create molds. In this method, the body part was wrapped with plaster bandages, which would set and then be cut open. Afterward, the plaster cast was filled with liquid plaster to form a model.

After transitioning to 3D scanning of body parts and having molds milled, they managed to shorten the process by about a week on average. The “fit has improved and become more precise.”

Guido also expressed his appreciation for OrthoShapes’ helpfulness: “When I have questions about the software or other matters, the people from Shapemakers are easily reachable and always willing to assist.”

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To place an order with us, you need to have an organization account. Would you like to order orthopedic molds and/or 3D prints? We have our own order portal for our customers, where you can place orders and track their status.

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