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In a collaborative effort, inorsys GmbH and Shapemakers have come together to share their experiences in orthopedics and manufacturing. The goal of this collaboration is to maintain a competitive edge in the orthopedic market and share insights and expertise for mutual progress in the future.

How did the collaboration between inorsys and Shapemakers come about?

Driven by the ambition to expand their market position, inorsys decided to diversify their products and services. During internal discussions at inorsys regarding potential opportunities, CAD expert Gert Althausse brought Shapemakers to their attention. This suggestion led to a meeting in NĂ¼rtingen, ultimately resulting in a partnership between the two companies.

What do these two companies have in common, and where are they currently collaborating?

Both inorsys and Shapemakers share a strong commitment to innovation in their respective fields. Both companies understand the importance of customer satisfaction and place significant value on delivering tailor-made solutions.

Currently, Shapemakers and inorsys collaborate in the field of digital manufacturing, with a specific focus on applications in orthopedics and rehabilitation, particularly the machining of soft and hard foam. Additionally, Shapemakers assists inorsys in their efforts related to 3D printing, leveraging Shapemakers’ experience and knowledge in this area. Both companies maintain close communication to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise, aiming to achieve the best possible results.


Shapemakers & inorsys


How do they envision the future of the collaboration?

In the future, inorsys and Shapemakers aim to capitalize on their successful collaboration to maintain a lasting competitive advantage in the market. Moreover, their goal is to continue sharing experiences and expertise with each other in the future.

The collaboration between inorsys and Shapemakers is a promising venture in the realm of orthopedics and manufacturing, where both companies share a passion for innovation and customer-centricity. Together, they will bring forth new possibilities and improvements in orthopedics and the manufacturing industry.

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