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Visiting Our Partner: Oceanz3D

Visiting Our Partner: Oceanz3D

Thanks to Robert Groeneveld, the Sales Engineer Medical at Oceanz3D, our interns had the opportunity to become acquainted with the well-known partner of Shapemakers. We had the chance to closely observe Oceanz3D’s production process and engage in an interesting conversation about the collaboration between Oceanz3D and Shapemakers.

What does Oceanz3D do?

“The specialist and market leader in 3D printing in the Netherlands.” Oceanz3D is an experienced supplier of 3D prints and a loyal partner of Shapemakers for SLS printing. Through the accumulation of knowledge and various projects, Oceanz3D has gained significant expertise across multiple industries, including the medical industry with customized solutions.

Oceanz3D keeps up with the latest developments and always embraces innovative challenges. They collaborate with their clients and partners to develop 3D printed solutions that enhance the product cycle and enable the design of dynamic products. Both companies contribute to driving the market towards innovative and dynamic products, complementing each other well. They share the same future vision and assist each other in exploring new possibilities.

Through new software, the possibilities are endless. The production process for customers is significantly accelerated and optimized. The collaboration between Oceanz3D and Shapemakers allows us to offer customers something remarkable. The options with 3D printing are limitless. The production optimization for customers is significantly expedited through the partnership between Oceanz3D and Shapemakers.

We would like to thank Robert for the enjoyable conversation and tour. If you’d like more information about Oceanz3D, you can find them at

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Discussing possibilities

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