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B&C Custom Bracing – Embrace your adventures

With pride, ShapeMakers introduces the innovative knee brace from B&C Custom Bracing. The first 3D-printed, high-impact knee brace tailor-made for each individual wearer. With this brace, you can engage in sports safely, comfortably, and without worry. Whether you’re into motocross, golf, skiing, or skating, this custom-made knee brace protects your knee joints without limiting your movement.

It’s been 1.5 years since Peter Ruijtenberg first connected with Rob Bogie (Orthopedic Surgeon) and Toine Cuijten (Technical Engineer) from B&C Custom Bracing. They had learned about us through Fontys University, where we engage students in the world of orthopedic digitalization. Through discussions, it quickly became apparent that the transition from being able to move well to being able to play sports well was a seamless one. The concept shared by B&C Custom Bracing aligned perfectly with the possibilities we could offer.

These discussions were subsequently developed in collaboration with our software partner, Shapeshift 3D. We’ve been in an adventurous partnership with Shapeshift 3D, based in Canada, since 2020. They offer intelligent software (A.I.) specifically designed for custom-made products. By establishing a unique product development and tailored workflow, any company can ultimately accelerate the production process by up to 4000%. Scaling up production for custom-made products is no longer a distant future prospect but can be executed today!

Together with B&C, a project was initiated, encompassing all conditions, desires, and needs. The design created by B&C was translated into a digital model suitable for the software. Once the final design was ready, a workflow was built, specifically designed for the knee brace. It was determined which components should be automated and which required manual intervention. This optimized workflow streamlines many intricate but essential tasks effortlessly.

B&C can now process individual knee scans through the software within 5 minutes. At the end of this process, they approve the created brace, and the software generates customized 3D files for the brace. The brace’s design is precisely molded around the 3D knee scan, resulting in a uniquely fitted shape. B&C handles the rest of the knee brace’s production in-house, utilizing 3D printing and finishing. The results are impressive! Learn more about B&C Custom Bracing’s knee brace or get in touch with them if interested.

Interested in having a non-binding exploratory discussion about your product? From scanning to 3D printing, we’re passionate about innovation and digitalization. We’re eager to exchange ideas and embark on new adventures!

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