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About Orthopedics

Shapemakers is a distributor of different correction software, providing all the necessary equipment, including scanners and accessories. For every orthopedic company, Shapemakers always offers a tailored solution, seeking customized approaches for each individual business.

Shapemakers operates its own production facility for milling orthopedic molds. Currently, this facility houses 5 milling machines and a robotic arm. Shapemakers produces various orthopedic models using different densities (80 to 300) of rigid foam and MDF.

As a market expert in custom products for orthopedics, sports, and industry, Shapemakers always aims to provide the best possible advice. Through one-on-one conversations with our partners, we develop plans that satisfy both parties. Additionally, as consultants, we are keen to assist with procedures, sales channels, and complete business models.

“Shapemakers gets you moving and loves doing it together.”

Process | Orthopedics

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The whole process in orthopedics starts with a good scan

By taking a 3D scan of the body part, traditional casting is replaced. Speed and sustainability are significant advantages in this process. Scanning a body part is achieved within two to five minutes, without waste and without creating a messy working environment.

The 3D scan can be immediately used in the editing software. This creates a digital library of models, eliminating the need for a large stock of physical models. ShapeMakers offers various 3D scanners, each with its own advantages.

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