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Shapemakers is capable of customizing products that qualify for individual tailoring with a focus on mass customization. This includes items such as face masks, safety masks, and footwear.

As an expert in the field of customized products, we identified opportunities in the industry. Shapemakers is capable of tailoring products that are suitable for mass customization. This includes items such as face masks, safety masks, and footwear. All products can be manufactured in company colors or personalized per product.

Being a market expert in custom-made products within the fields of orthopedics, sports, and industry, Shapemakers always strives to provide the best possible advice. Through one-on-one discussions with our collaborating partners, plans are formulated that satisfy both parties. As advisors, we are also keen to assist in procedures, sales channels, and complete business models.

“Shapemakers gets you moving and does this especially through collaboration.”

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To initiate a mass-customization project, the first step involves creating a design for the product. In most cases, this product should have significant potential for customization. Various approaches can be taken in this process.

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To place an order with us, you need to have an organization account. Would you like to order orthopedic molds and/or 3D prints? We have our own order portal for our customers, where you can place orders and track their status.

Don’t have an account yet? Please contact us to gain access to the order portal.


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